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A Talented Caregiver Looking for Work

A talented and light-hearted Nurse - Caregiver with 5years extensive experience in private practice and Hospital, Nursing Home. Well-versed in advanced care and safety techniques. Long-term interest

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Caregiver Looking for an Elderly Client in Canada

I'm simple and honest, reliable, hardworking, trustworthy and dedicated caregiver for elderly people. I love working to an old people and I have 9 years experienced for caregiving. I'm currently worki

age 30

Filipina Caregiver Looking for an Employer in Canada

I am a Filipina and currently working here in United Arab Emirates as a Nanny and Househelper.  I have been working in this field for more than 5 years.  I worked in Taiwan, Hongkong and United Arab

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I Am Interested In Working For Your Family As Caregiver

I am very interested in working for your family as Caregiver. I belong to a family of 6 including my parents.As I am mother of 2 child and the decision

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I Am Looking A Senior Caregiver Job In Canada

I am Melody Rodriguez, 29 years of age and a graduate of BS in Nursing.I worked as a private nurse in 2009 then as a public health nurse in a health centre in our town for two years.I am here

age 29

Foreign Caregiver From The Philippines Looking For A Canadian Employer

Dear Family:I am very interested in working for your family as Caregiver/nanny. I belong to a family of 6 including my parents.

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Foreign Nanny Looking for Work as a Caregiver in Canada

I have always been an achiever. Be it academics or professional life or sports or any other field in my life. I believe in success through hard work & dedication. My motto in li

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Senior Caregiver Looking for Canadian Employer

My name is Elvira Irog, Filipino national and currently living here now in the Philippines..I am 43 years old with two son with my partner of 22 years. I just recently back home last Feb 2015, be

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Health Care Aide Seeking A Caregiver Job

I am an elderly/senior care aide from the Philippines.  I am trustworthy, hardworking and I like the feeling of being able to help someone who needs help.I took and finished Natio

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Honest and Dependable Caregiver Looking for Employment Opportunity

Passionate, Courageous, young willing to be train and to teach, a good team member, a good worker with a sense of humor, honest and dependable.

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Experienced Caregiver Looking for Work in Canada

I am a very Experienced Warmhearted, Nurturing and Passionate PSW or Caregiver, with a strong care givingbackground and extensive experience as manageress at an Old Age Home, Alzheimer and dementia.

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Practical Nursing Seeking for a Caregiver Job in Canada

Hello there, I am Jimjo! I am fluent in English. I am a TOEFL passer! And I am looking forward to work with you as a male Caregiver. I am a Certified Healthcar

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Looking For Elderly Caregiver Job Opportunity Canada

I am Esperanza jr. Martinez Lamela. I am 48 years old and married with three children. I graduated Bachelor of Science Pharmacy and also finished caregiver course.I now currently working as caregi

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Caregiver Job Seeker Eagerly Looking For A Caregiver Job In Canada

I am a Bachelor's Degree Graduate in Nursing. I am very much eager to work and as a caregiver or nursing aid in Canada. I have 6 months training as a prerequisite of the nursing program in the Philipp

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Foreign Caregiver Looking For Employer In Canada

I'm Marivic Joves Frias, 30 yrs. old, from Philippines. I am recently working as a caregiver here in Israel for more than 5 yrs. I'm looking for a better opportunity in Canada.