What Kind Of Contract You Must Sign With Your Future Employer As A Caregiver

December 19, 2014 Our Blog

woman filling employment offer documentYou and your employer must sign a written employment contract.

Your employer will send you a copy of the employment contract and the positive LMIA. You must submit the signed contract, together with the positive LMIA issued to your employer, with your work permit application.

This must be the same employment contract submitted to ESDC/SC by your employer, unless you provide an explanation of any changes (for example, a new start date).

The written employment contract will ensure there is a fair working arrangement between you and your employer. The employment contract must demonstrate that the LCP requirements are met by including a description of:

  • mandatory employer-paid benefits, including:
    • transportation to Canada from your country of permanent residence or the country of habitual residence to the location of work in Canada
    • medical insurance coverage provided from the date of your arrival until you are eligible for provincial/territorial health insurance
    • workplace safety insurance coverage for the duration of employment
    • all recruitment fees, including any amount payable to a third-party recruiter or agents hired by the employer that otherwise would be charged to you
  • job duties
  • hours of work
  • wages
  • accommodation arrangements (including room and board)
  • holiday and sick leave entitlements
  • termination and resignation terms

A contract template along with a guide is available on the Service Canada website. Your contract does not have to look exactly like this, but it must contain all the information and clauses indicated as mandatory.

The use of an alternative contract format may delay the processing of the LMIA application, because ESDC and SC officers will need to determine if the contract complies with LCP requirements.

Source: cic.gc.ca