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Live In Caregiver Program: How To Sponsor A Nanny To Canada

July 16, 2013 Our Blog

The live in caregiver program is in place to help Canadian families who are in need of nanny services to hire international nannies. The program allows the hiring of an international nanny only when a Canadian nanny or live in caregiver cannot be found. On paper, this particular requirement may seem difficult. In practice however, it rarely stops any Canadian family from hiring foreign nannies.

There are a few steps and requirements to be met before a Canadian family hires and sponsors a foreign caregiver to Canada. They are as follows:

Demonstrate The Need For An International Nanny

In order to take advantage of the live in caregiver program, there is a burden of proof on the Canadian family to prove that a suitable Canadian nanny is not available. How can you fulfill this requirement? You ask! Do not worry, it is much easier to accomplish that you are probably thinking right now.

The good news for Canadian families, most Canadians and permanent residents do not find work in the caregiver industry lucrative. As such, there is a constant shortage of caregivers in Canada and that is why the Canadian Government instituted the live in caregiver program to help Canadian families.

Ability To Pay Your Live In Caregiver

Any Canadian family wishing to hire a live in nanny from abroad must have the financial means to do so. It is the law under the live in caregiver program and it should be a no-brainer. The Canadian government makes this a prerequisite to ensure that the nanny services rendered by the live in caregiver are rewarded accordingly. The family or employer is therefore required to demonstrate the ability to pay before an approval is given to hire and sponsor a live in nanny from abroad.

Acceptable Accommodation For Your Live In Caregiver

The name of the program alone gives it away that the caregiver is expected to work and live with the employer or the sponsoring family. The requirement is once again justified to make sure the live in caregiver is properly given reasonable place to live and work.

Job Offer Must Be Related To Nanny Services

The live in caregiver is hired to provide caregiving services such as child care, elderly care or senior care as well as disabled care. The job duties in the job offer can include babysitting or babysitter, housekeeper, maid, nanny but not a housecleaner.

Submit An Application With Employment Contract

The final step before you can hire an international nanny is to apply for the Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. This is essentially a green light document to show there is a sufficient need for you to fill your caregiver job vacancy. The LMO confirms that you were unable to find a Canadian nanny so you are eligible to hire an international live in nanny from another country.

Where To Find International Nannies And Live In Caregivers

You can find international nannies through referrals, advertising directly or hiring a recruiting agency. Using nanny agencies can be a bit expensive and can cost thousands of dollars. The alternatives are much cheaper and equally effective.  You can ask individuals or agencies to refer live in caregivers from abroad to you. The cost of this referral is a lot cheaper and very effective. You can also advertise through a media platform to contact live in caregivers directly.

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September 26, 2014

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