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Contact Me Cheerful and Energetic Caregiver from the Philippines n/a Seeking a

Cheerful and Energetic Caregiver from the Philippines

n/a Seeking a

Philippines Passi City

Hello! Good day! I am glad to write and share something with you..  I am Christine Dawn A. Gatungay, 26 yrs. old, Single. I live in Mango Street, Villa Rosa Subdivision, Man-it, Passi City, Philippines 5037. I am cheerful and very energetic lady. I can do the multi tasking. I work well under pressure.
I love caring for the elderly and kids since I still have my grandparents here in the Philippines. They are both 85 yrs old.I have an experience taking care of the elderly. I am the one taking care of my grand parents, provide them bedside care and assist in consumption/utilization of medications given by their doctors. I love singing and talking with them. I feel overwhelmed by taking care of them. It’s a heart warming feeling to see them in good condition. I can’t tolerate to see my patient suffer. I tell myself it is my calling to care for the ones who need my extra ordinary service. I am thinking always to place my shoe in their place. I am thankful that I am physical fit, have a  very active mind and body to help the ones who need the most attention.
I also love to deal with the kids. I am a teacher here in the Philippines.
For furthermore information please contact me.
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