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Caregiver Violeta D

n/a Seeking a



Hi, I am Violeta, 37 years old from Philippines. I have finished  the required  caregiving training in school setting. I have also completed on the job training and have handled different patient cases. I started working as on-call private caregiver the day after I graduated from my course and i also completed up to 3 years in college. I got BLS and CPR training by the Philippine Red Cross.

I am looking forward to work as a carer in a Home institution or as a private carer in Private household. To be able to help and extend my skills in looking after elders, infant or people with special needs, of which I also have experience with. I have a ready passport and certificates and credentials ready for application for a working permit.

I hope to obtain a caregiver job here .

Thank you and God bless

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