How To Apply For Work In Canada As A Foreign Caregiver

December 19, 2015 Our Blog

Work in CanadaThere is good news for foreign caregivers who wish to work as caregivers in Canada. Canada has a well known process called The Caregiver Program. The Caregiver Program is unique and it used to be known as The Live-In Caregiver Program (LICP) until 2014. The live-in requirement was removed and foreign caregivers are no longer forced to live with their employers at the employers’ places of residence. The program allows a foreign caregiver to enter Canada as a temporary foreign worker. After two years of full-time work, the caregiver is then qualified to submit an application for permanent residency in Canada.

Since Canada does not have a comprehensive national Child Care Policy, the Caregiver Program is intended to make it easy for Canadian families to bring in foreign caregivers to provide personal care for their children, elderly folks and people with high medical needs. The Caregiver Program has two pathways for foreign caregivers and nannies to apply. They are: the Caring For Children Pathway and the Caring For People With High Medical Needs Pathway.

The fact that there is a Caregiver Program in Canada does not mean that you can just submit your application to come to Canada as a foreign caregiver or nanny. Your application process has to start with finding a Canadian family or employer first. You need to find a Canadian family or employer who is qualified and willing to sponsor you to work in Canada as a caregiver.

Finding An Employer In Canada For Sponsorship

There is no doubt that this is the most important step but also a very difficult one. Your dream to travel to Canada, live and work, become a permanent resident and eventually acquire Canadian citizenship starts with finding a qualified Canadian employer who is willing to sponsor you. There are two main ways you can find a Canadian family to sponsor you so that you can become a caregiver or nanny in Canada.

As a foreign caregiver interested in coming to Canada, you can either retain a recruitment agency and pay them to find an employer for you or you can try to search for an employer on your own. There are a number of known risks and benefits associated with both methods.

Using A Nanny Recruitment Agency

Some of the advantages of using legitimate and reliable recruitment agencies include a guaranteed job offer, less hassle on your part, less paperwork and faster. However, it can be very expensive even though recruiters are not permitted to make foreign caregivers pay placement fees in Canada. It is also not easy to find a good recruitment agency that is not going to scam you and steal your money. Several caregivers have already been defrauded by scammers posing as recruitment agencies. So be careful!

Finding A Canadian Employer On Your Own

This alternative is often cheaper and free in most cases. You basically find a way to contact or be contacted by a Canadian family who is looking for a foreign caregiver or nanny. This can be achieved by recommendations from friends and family members who are already caregivers in Canada, if you have any. Furthermore, you can use the internet to apply for caregiver or nanny job ads on various online caregiver job sites. Finally, you can post your profiles, resumes and CVs on Caregiver Job Boards such as and Besides the advantages such as spending little to no money, finding a job this way is not guaranteed and it requires you to devote time and effort personally.

Whatever method you chose to use to look for a job in Canada as a foreign caregiver, it is not going to be easy. The fact is, there are hundreds and thousands of other job seekers all over the world you have to compete with. Keep in mind though that there is no harm in trying. Even if you don’t succeed, it is better to know that you did your best but your best may not have been good enough.

Here are the requirements for the Caregiver Program: The Six Requirements