Find Out If You Qualify For Permanent Residency In Canada Through The Caring For Children Pathway

October 28, 2015 Our Blog

As a result of the changes that were made to the Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada, a new pathway was created for foreign caregivers. Caregivers can now apply through the Caring for Children pathway to permanent residency in Canada.

To qualify through the Caring for Children Pathway, you must meet the three important requirements. They include home child care work experience, education and language requirements.

Work Experience Requirement

Previous home child care work experience is a very important requirement if you intend to apply through the Caring for Children Pathway. A permanent residency applicant must possess two years full-time home child care work experience in Canada. This experience must have been attained within the last 4 years before you submit your application.

Full-time home child care work here does not include taking care of your own children or children of other family members and friends for free. You must have worked professionally for 30 hours or more per week and got paid for that.

The two years work experience does not mean working with one employer for two continuous years. Therefore, it is okay if you worked for multiple employers as a home child caregiver. It also does not matter if you took some short breaks due to sickness, unemployment, parental leave and so on. As long as you can calculate two years of caregiver work within the last four years, you are qualified to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Work done during a period of full-time studies cannot be included in your work experience for this purpose.

What kind of work experience is recognized? Only home child care work experience as described by the National Occupational Classification can be considered.

  • You must have cared for children on an ongoing or short-term basis.
  • You must have cared for the well-being and physical and social development of children.
  • You must have assisted parents with child care and may have assisted with household duties.
  • You must have provided care primarily in your own place or in the children’s homes, where you may have also resided.
  • You must have been employed by private households and child-care agencies, or been self-employed.
  • Foster parents are not included in this group.

Your duties as a home child caregiver as recommended by the National Occupational Classification must have included the following:

  • Supervised and cared for children in employer’s or your own place
  • Bathed, dressed and fed infants and children
  • Prepared formulas and changed diapers for infants
  • Planned, prepared and served meals for children and may have performed other housekeeping duties
  • Oversaw children’s activities, such as meals and rest periods, as instructed by your employer
  • Maintained a safe and healthy environment in the home
  • Instructed children in personal hygiene
  • Tended to the emotional well-being of children and supported their social development
  • Disciplined children according to the methods requested by their parents
  • Organized and participated in activities such as games, crafts, reading and outings
  • Taken children to and from school and appointments
  • May have been required to keep records of daily activities and health information regarding each child.

Language Ability Requirement

Canada is a bilingual country and the official languages are English and French. Home child caregivers who wish to apply through the Caring for Children Pathway must be able to speak, read, write and understand English or French. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has an approved agencies that you can take a language test from them.

The approved testing agencies include:

  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System – take the “General Training” test.
  • CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program – Take the “CELPIP-G 2014” test
  • TEF: Test d’évaluation de français (French only)

Your language test result must meet the minimum language level of CBL 5 for speaking, reading, writing and listening. The original language test results must be included in your application and the results must not be more than two years old before it reaches Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Education Requirement

The language requirement under the Caring for Children Pathway calls for caregiver applicants to have at least one year Canadian post-secondary education credentials. An equivalent foreign education credentials can also be accepted. In the case of foreign education credentials, educational credential is has to be done by agencies approved by Citizenship and Immigration. This is to ensure that the foreign education credential is equal or more than Canadian post-secondary education credential of one year.

A completed application will not be processed if you do not provide proof that you meet the minimum home child care work experience, language and education requirements when you apply. Citizenship and Immigration will return your application to you.

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