Filipino Temporary Foreign Workers’ Complaint Against Tim Hortons B.C. Franchise Owners Moves Ahead

November 6, 2015 News

Tim HortonsA human rights complaint lodged against former franchisees of Tim Hortons is expected to go ahead now that an application for its dismissal has failed.

The complaint was launched last year by a group of Fillipino temporary foreign workers.

They allege franchisees of the coffee and doughnut chain Fernie forced them to pay back overtime and rent out overpriced accommodation, as well as threatened to deport them.

But the ex-franchisees named in the complaint, Pierre and Kristine Pelletier, denied those accusations.

In an open letter two years ago published in a local newspaper in Fernie, they said they’ve “always sought to maintain and run our business with integrity.”

The human rights tribunal has now denied efforts to dismiss the complaint.

The allegations have not been tested.