Filipino Community Rallying Behind Quadriplegic Woman Facing Deportation

February 17, 2015 News

Maria Victoria VenancioMembers of Edmonton’s Filipino community are showing support as a quadriplegic woman faces deportation.

Maria Victoria Venancio, 29, was riding her bicycle when she was struck by a vehicle a few years ago, leaving her a quadriplegic, unable to work at her job at McDonalds.

“I’m still hoping and praying that they can give me a chance to stay here in Canada,” Venancio said.

As a result, her application for temporary status was declined after her temporary worker’s permit lapsed.

On Monday, a preliminary exclusionary order was granted.

Chris Bataluk, Venancio’s lawyer, hopes that the Canadian Border Services Agency will all for permanent residency on a humanitarian and compassionate application, rather than enforce the exclusionary order.

In the Philippines, there isn’t proper infrastructure such as paved streets, ramps and elevators, Bataluk said.

Additionally, health care is private so any money she received as a result of the collision would be quickly depleted.

“The concern is obviously if she goes back to the Philippines, the standard of medical care is nothing that’s comparable to what she can receive in Edmonton,” Bataluk said.

Venancio said she is grateful for all the support she has received from her friends in Canada.

“I’m pretty happy and blessed that everyone is here to support me,” she said.

“Everyone here in Canada, they have their own lives, they choose to be here and support me. I feel overwhelmed right now.”

Currently, Venancio receives medical care and is in a rehabilitation program at the University of Alberta.

“Right now, there’s a lot of improvement, a remarkable improvement I’m able to stand by myself,” Venancio said.

“It’s a really big achievement for me and I don’t want to lose it.”

–With files from Ian Kucerak



February 18, 2015

Velancio I admire you for your determination. My prayers are with you that you will succeed in staying in Canada where your loyalty resulted in a horrific accident! I can see the accident wasn’t your fault, or a result of you being careless. As a result you have gotten a settlement? If that is true I would suggest that your lawyer go after the insurance for further damages considering the abuse you are forced to endure from the Canadian government. My prayers, and admiration, are with you! God bless!

February 18, 2015

“Right now, there’s a lot of improvement, a remarkable improvement I’m able to stand by myself,” Venancio said.”

It appears that Velancio’s condition is improving in spite of the governments abandonment thanks to the University of Alberta! This further proves that with her amazing determination she may well not remain a quadriplegic for life. She may recover and be a contributing member of society. Time has proven that handicapped people aren’t confined to unproductivity. They can adapt and make contributions that benefit all of society. So maybe the Canadian government shouldn’t be too quick to indiscriminately, and selfishly, throw Valencia away showing themselves to be insensitive toward the handicapped of our society, which Velancia’s dedication has made her part of!