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Filipino Caregiver And Her Daughter Battles Immigration Canada

May 11, 2016 News
Windy & Argelline Palmiano

Windy & Argelline Palmiano

She came to Canada from the Philippines 5 years ago, in search of a better life and to support her daughter back home.

Since 2013, Windy Palmiano has been trying to bring her 15-year old daughter to BC, but in March a bombshell. Immigration Canada sent Windy a letter saying her daughter is considered medically inadmissible because she is deaf.

Windy’s daughter attends a school for children with special needs in the Philippines, and Windy says she won’t be a burden on the system if she is allowed to move here.

Across the distance and time zones, this is the only way Windy Palmiano can enjoy the talent of her young daughter dancing in the Philippines, through videos sent to her by relatives.

“She loves to dance, maybe sometimes she’s singing but then of course it’s hard for her to sing because of her situation, but she loves to sing,” says Palmiano.

15 year old Argelline is deaf, her mother came to Canada in 2011 under the Live-in Caregiver Program to support her daughter and provide her with a brighter future. 3 years ago, Windy applied for permanent residency for the two of them, but she’s still waiting because review of her daughter’s condition, has caused delays.

“It’s hard, sleepless nights, every time there’s someone asking me, I’m just crying.”

In March, Windy received a letter from Canada Citizenship and Immigration, stating Argelline has been found ‘medically inadmissible’ because she’s deaf. It goes on to say her condition might cause excessive demand on health or social services.

It’s eerily similar to a case in vancouver 2 years ago, Karen Talosig struggled to bring her deaf daughter Jazmine to Canada, MP Hedy Fry took the case to Ottawa, and eventually the two were reunited.

“I went to the MP and MLA even though I don’t know them, I’m just browsing every time I have a free time, I’m browsing, searching for organizations or politicians and then I will make time to go in their office and ask for help.”

So far, the only positive has come from MLA Terry Lake’s office, which has had a letter sent to Windy from the BC Education Ministry stating her daughter will not be a burden on the system. Windy’s church, Kamloops Full Gospel is advocating for her.

“We just want to see the joining of the family, this is a daughter growing up and needs her mom and Windy is putting her time in over here for 5 years, working in the system and doing everything right,” says Rev. Darrell Hellquist.

Windy vows if her daughter is allowed into Canada, she will support her.

“I think every parent is dreaming their kids to have a better future, so I came here because I’m thinking she’ll have a better future here in Canada,” says Palmiano.