Do You Honestly Love Your Present Caregiver Or Nanny Job?

October 23, 2015 Our Blog

Love your caregiver jobCaregivers and nannies! loving your job is an extremely useful tip for reducing stress and tension from life. If you can’t be in the job you love, learn to love the job you have now.

It is a simple fact that not every caregiver or nanny is fortunate enough to have an employer or family they like. We all are living in a fiercely competitive era. Working in the caregiver industry today, just being qualified for a nanny job is not enough. You have to be most eligible than all other eligible caregivers to get your dream caregiver job. Realistically, to be the most eligible of all other caregivers is not that easy. It depends upon a number of visible and invisible factors such as our family background, our educational qualification, our physical appearance (with some employers at least), our performance in a particular exam and so on. Since not every caregiver can be the most eligible caregiver, most caregivers will have to contend with other caregiver jobs which may or may not be of their liking.

For a moment, let us consider your present caregiver or nanny job. It may be the case that you are dealing with a family or employer who is very demanding, hard to deal with, less considerate, mean and disrespectful. Your current job could be boring, routine, less rewarding, difficult and extra hours of work without overtime pay. May be you are not getting the chance to work at your full potential in this job. Certainly any caregiver of your caliber deserves something better. And if you are making all the necessary efforts to get the perfect employer or family looking for a caregiver, I give you my best wishes for your efforts. However, it is my humble advice that while you are searching for that perfect caregiver job or better employer, enjoy the way you are doing your present one, and keep celebrating and expanding all the other joys of life that surround you.

No matter how bad, boring, frustrating, and less rewarding your present caregiver job is, one thing is certain – you will go nowhere by fuming and stressing about it! Consider this: at any given moment your job is the main source of your income. Your bread and butter comes from the money you earn in this job. You pay your monthly bills, your taxes and your child’s school fee and support your family from the salary of this job. Your present job is the platform on which you will lay the foundation of your future dream job. So dear caregiver and nanny your job is no that bad. Just see the positive side of the picture. Love your job and respect it.

I know it is not very easy to love your difficult and thankless caregiver job. However, if you want, you can easily make your job interesting. A little bit of effort and innovation can make any kind job interesting. Let me give you a very useful tip. If you want to make your job interesting, then ask yourself – “How can I handle this job or situation in a better way? How can I improve my relationship with my employer? ” Just think over these two questions and you will get the answer. The best way to make your job interesting is to constantly find the way of doing things in a better way.

Here are few benefits which you will get by loving your caregiver job:

  • Your productivity and performance output will increase.
  • Your image in the eyes of your employer will improve.
  • You will feel less tired and exhausted at the end of the day.
  • Your overall relationship with your employer will improve.
  • You will be able to finish your daily tasks quickly if you do it with passion.

As you love your job and do it wholeheartedly, you will not find the time for fuming and stressing over its negative aspects. You will remain busy in it and will not feel frustrated or tense owing to the difficulties and hardships associated with your present employer or the caregiving job.