Caregiver Accused Of Stealing $193,000, Posts Bond, Presumed To Have Fled Country To The Philippines

August 26, 2015 News

Alexander ManguiamBETHESDA., Md. (WJLA) — He stole $193,000 from an elderly couple, got caught, later posted bond, and is now believed to be hiding-out in his native Philippines, law enforcement sources say.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department has issued an active arrest warrant for Alexander Manguiam, 46, who was already facing charges of theft scheme $100,000+, theft $100,000+ and obtain property of a vulnerable adult.

According to Montgomery County Police, Manguiam was hired in February 2010, to care for a Bethesda couple in declining health. The couple, then in their late 80s, needed assistance dressing, walking, using the restroom, and being driven to doctor’s appointments, among other daily tasks.

In February 2013, the male homeowner passed away after suffering internal bleeding and multiple seizures. At the time, his wife was confined to a bed and wheelchair. She is still alive today.

In September 2013, Wells Fargo Bank’s financial crimes unit flagged a forged check Manguiam had deposited in his personal account. The bank contacted Montgomery County Police to report the suspicious transaction.

Following a scrupulous investigation, detectives unearthed a methodical scheme. They allege Manguiam altered 44 of his paychecks, for instance, in one case he turned a check for $1630 into $4630. In 21 other instances, Manguiam stole checks from the elderly couple’s dining room cupboard drawer and later made them out to himself, police say.

The grand total siphoned over three years: $193,608.00.

“Oh wow, that’s awful,” exclaimed neighbor Fred Berner upon learning of the six-figure thievery. “Human nature is greed and it must be hard, if you’re very poor or reasonably poor, to have all that [money] sitting around and just have to look the other way.”

Police arrested Manguiam in December 2014. He later posted bond and moved into his friend’s Silver Spring home while awaiting trial in Montgomery County Circuit Court. However, the 46-year-old disgraced caregiver was a no-show at an August 7, court date, triggering the active warrant. Despite having to surrender his Filipino passport prior to posting bond, it’s feared Manguiam still managed to flee to his native country.

On Tuesday, June 25, ABC 7 News spoke with the friend Manguiam was staying with before skipping town.

“He moved in and next thing I know there were a lot of cops coming in. He said it was for hospital bills. I said, ‘dude if that’s all, why are the cops coming here,'” Alan Cuadra stated. “I haven’t seen him in like a month-and-a-half though, he’s gone for good.”

Court records obtained by ABC 7 News show the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office addressed the likelihood of Manguiam being a ‘flight risk’ during an initial court proceeding. Even so, a judge granted bond to the accused felon.

“As this is an ongoing investigation, we are tracking each and every lead to bring this defendant to justice and must refrain discussing specifics lest we unknowingly aid the defendant in eluding capture,” Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office spokesman Ramon Korionoff wrote by email.

It is unlikely that the victim’s family will recoup any of the missing $193,608.00, law enforcement sources say.

“I just hope this loss doesn’t affect [my neighbor’s] ability to remain financially solvent and live out her days, hopefully many more to come, in a nice way,” Berner concluded.