Beware of Fake Agencies, Immigration Fraud and Scams

November 9, 2014 Our Blog

Crooked Immigration ConsultantsYou may have seen advertisements that promise work permits and guarantee high-paying jobs in Canada. Some offer scholarships to study at Canadian universities or colleges. Potential newcomers to Canada should be aware that many offers like these are fraudulent. In fact, using the services of people who make such promises may result in your application to Canada being rejected.

Canada’s immigration system is based on fairness. Every application receives equal consideration. No one has special connections, and no one can promise your application will be given special treatment or guarantee that it will be approved.

What you need to know

  • You are not obliged to hire an immigration representative, including a consultant, lawyer, Quebec notary or paralegal regulated by a law society, to apply for a visa or for Canadian citizenship, but if you do, choose carefully.
  • Immigration representatives do not have special connections with Canadian government officials and cannot guarantee you a visa. Nobody can guarantee you a visa.
  • Only Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) officers can decide whether or not to issue a visa. Don’t be tempted into using false documents. It is a serious crime to misrepresent yourself by making false statements or submitting false documents when dealing with CIC. If you do this, your application will be refused. You will also face serious consequences. Depending on the situation, these may include:
    • no entry into Canada for at least two years;
    • a permanent record of fraud in CIC’s database;
    • revocation of your permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship;
    • being charged with a crime; or
    • removal from Canada.
  • Do not enter into a marriage that is not genuine in order to obtain permanent residence in Canada. Beware of Internet scams and false websites. The official CIC website is
  • You will find free information for any type of visa on CIC’s website.
  • Processing fees are the same at all Canadian visa offices around the world. Fees in local currency are based on official exchange rates and correspond with the standard fee charged in Canadian dollars.
  • Canadian visa offices will never ask you to deposit money into an individual’s personal bank account or to transfer money through aspecific private money transfer company.
  • If you have questions, contact CIC or the visa office responsible for your area.