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About Caregivers In Canada

Caregiversincanada.com is an employment matchmaking virtual platform. We are dedicated to connecting Canadian families with caregivers and nannies. Our platform is very instrumental in helping Canadian families who wish to hire live in caregivers in Canada or from abroad. The Live in Caregiver program in Canada makes it easy for families to hire international nannies and bring them to Canada.

Our secure database is full of qualified and experienced Canadian nannies as well as international nannies who are interested in coming to live and work in Canada. Canadian families and employers post job vacancies regarding their needs for nanny services. Caregiver job seekers immediately receive notifications of jobs posted and they can apply directly.

Our services provide a better alternative to Caregiver or Nanny Agencies who can charge exorbitant fees for their services. Our solution is a win-win proposition to the families and the nannies. Employers pay a small one time listing fee to post caregiver job vacancies and qualified nannies in our secure database apply for the jobs for free. The employer selects the best applicant, interview and then hires the nanny without having to pay any agency fees or commission.

The need to hire a caregiver can be very emotional because it is often necessitated by the need to care for our vulnerable family members. It can also be a daunting experience to bring a complete stranger into close contact with our loved ones. Nanny services are mostly required for child care, disabled care, senior care or elderly care.

Our main objective is to provide an effective and cost saving alternative to hiring a caregiver or nanny in Canada. Post your job vacancy, sit back and wait for qualified job seekers to contact you. Do not spend thousands in agency fees or commissions and save your future nanny from paying placement fees.

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